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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  March 27, 2011 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute several new developments following libya. the international coalition is gaddafi's hometown with air strikes. nato took over enforcing the no- fly zone. the president prepares to nation on monday night. >> libyan rebels are making big advances. this place was free when we got here, this man said. the rebels recaptured a key oil town. sunday another town. next up is one town 300 miles tripoli. time the air strikes make difference.
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are coming, e shouted one man. unlikely president obama declare mission accomplished when he addresses the nation. facing tough criticism, he is expected to say he acted to crisis.humanitarian >> this has been characterized by confusion and delay. they say it is humanitarian but gaddafi must go. >> he needs to convince the this will not be term commitment. >> we will carry that speech live right here on abc7. we talked earlier about the handling of the situation. thanks so much for joining us. right now the president is to feel the heat from
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congress and will address the nation. he say?l >> he will be under pressure to things.w will have to show there are discernible time frames and objectives here. this is something he was very specific about. he will be under pressure to lay clear concerns so we don't this on in definitely. try to show it is not just the u.s. but our allies nato who are very much involved in this. perhaps we will hear it the of this in a global way. if we don't show this is unacceptable for muammar gaddafi down, then other feel they have a s to do this without international community coming down on them. t that was secretary
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earlier thatg not in imminent and not a vital national interest. how can the usa -- how can the --. say >> a lot of people did perk up for signs are looking dissent. that was a signal not everyone is on the same page. initially president obama signaled there was not going to anything imminent and were not clear. then we had this no-fly zone, so amongis a sense isgressional leaders there clear message coming out. >> he does have going for him
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are makings progress. hunte will help him tomorrow night. >> that is what they will have show, that there is an alternative. just trading something, a is seen by the beingational community as unacceptable for chaos. there is the perception that these rebels have some real organization and could be in take over. >> we have a couple of hopefuls who have on the presidency. gingrich, who else are we expecting? >> we are seeing a lot of worrying in iowa. guy -- iowa is very
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important. she is not seen as a legitimate contender who has a chance of nomination as much as other possible contenders. all it takes is one victory in hampshire to throw this out of whack. we have favorites sitting back waiting like mitt romney. m pawlenty is making some moves as well. i think we will start to see making real moves declaring their candidacy within the next month. >> thank you. tomorrow vincent gray will his first state of the district address. at a tough time for the mayor. they are looking into allegations he was promised a job in a change for bad the former mayor.
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polls showed and low approval rating. the mayor will deliver his address tomorrow. the boys of summer are back. the national's opening day is this thursday. they are playing the atlanta braves. will honor the six newest the hall of fame. include dominique dawes and willie stewart. turning now to the cherry blossom festival. the peak bloom is still to come. if you want to see the cherry blossoms at their most it will happen n tuesday and friday. still to come, jimmy carter is p for an important trip. >> if i don't do it now i will not have the energy later.
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>> you might be one of many startingo dream of your own business. s week's working woman who did just that. >> we have clear skies tonight. sunshine tomorrow but the for a wintery mix again? my complete forecast
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a vigil will be held in
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remembrance of the disaster of three mile island. in 1979 the plant suffered a l meltdown. the nuclear power industry says or injurieso deaths a study found the rates of cancer were 10 times nearby areas. a vigil will be held at 3:15 a m harry reid will host a rally protect social security. he is a co-sponsor of legislation to stop the senate from making changes. held tomorrow at 12:30. jimmy carter and his wife will cuba. mr. and mrs. carter will meet the president to talk about o improve u.s.-cuban relations. coming up, are we in store
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for a war
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record snowfall. we had a record at dulles international airport. that breaks the old record of 1983 with a trace. at these impressive snow totals. two tenths of an inch of snow. california -- maryland had almost tea that you inches of
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snow. mainly clear skies this afternoon. just a few scattered clouds. our temperatures will probably another 7 degrees. the wind chill factor of 34. are high today only made it up to 46 degrees. below average temperatures board.the currently at gwb university. looking at 29 in rockville. take us over will to harvin. the wind out of the northwest at 2 miles per hour. temperatures holding in the 30's maine, they are at 18 degrees. new orleans at 74. miami at 77 degrees. satellite and radar, look at how skies showed up.
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another weak system off to the west. we will keep some clouds in the w morning southo of dc, but then our skies will rapidly clear. there is a disturbance right at 10:00 in the morning. another look for clearing skies and months of sunshine. a cold night tomorrow night but will start to increase. g area of low pressure in enough cold air of a winteryle bit mix starting tuesday night mainly ford north western maryland. for tonight and cold. you will want to bundle up when up tomorrow morning. we will have highs around 46 and
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partly to mostly sunny skies. winds out of the northwest 10-15 miles per hour. nationals park looking okay. it will be tried on thursday. better for the upcoming weekend. never too early to plan for the weekend. the upper 50's. weekend. the [ male announcer ] the network.
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war ii left thousands children homeless without any if their loved ones were alive. more than 65 years later the is hoping toeum some of those victims. the museum hopes to use your help. >> a jewish member of the n resistance during world ii but her daughter into hiding in 1942. >> she was crying because she go.not want to >> she was placed in a convent for six months. >> they placed me with a family.n >> thousands of children faced fate and some lost loved ones in the war. the holocaust museum is trying help in a new effort called "remember me" campaign. >> in some cases we have only a
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possible age of the child and nationality. we are hoping the public will go these those and hopefully identify these children and send us any information. >> in 1945 a survivor of auschwitz managed to get back and find her daughter. >> i am so lucky. >> she knows how lucky she was to find her mother. she hopes other families are able to reunite. >> this pain that we went through [inaudible] petersonas gordon reporting. 94-year-old shows no signs down.wing the photos can be found on the website and facebook. hundreds have view the photos and a tip of the people have
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after finding a photo of themselves. she took a risk when she left her six-figure salary to pursue
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>> hockey's regular season is but you still have the capitals in action. the carolina hurricanes come to town thursday night. the caps will come the buffa


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